Term Life

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Term life insurance is designed to provide low-cost life insurance for a stated period of time, usually between 1 to 30 years. In the event of a tragedy, it can help:

  • Maintain your family’s lifestyle (income replacement)
  • Keep your family in their home (mortgage payoff)
  • Remove debt burdens (credit card/personal loan payoff)
  • Finance a child’s education
  • Pay for funeral expenses
  • Protect your spouse’s retirement plans
  • Continue a business

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1Because simplified term life insurance is issued with only limited medical information, the policy costs are typically higher and certain restrictions generally apply. Those willing to undergo more extensive medical testing may benefit from fully underwritten term life.

2The maximum issue ages are: 10- and 15-year terms available to age 60, 20-year terms for non-smokers available to age 60 and for smokers to age 55, 30-year terms for non-smokers to age 50 and for smokers to age 45. Once coverage is issued, it can continue to age 95.