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Recruitment Workflow | The Platinum Group

Find and hire the talent that’s most aligned with your business needs. Above all, increase happiness and retention by delivering back-to-back remarkable candidate experiences — from recruiting and on-boarding to performance reviews.


Find and Hire Top Talent

A completely online process makes it easy (and fast) to search through candidates. For instance, search for for specific skill sets, create job requisitions on the fly, and hire the candidates that are most aligned with your organization’s recruiting needs and objectives.


Boost Retention From Day One

Deliver a high-tech and high-touch recruiting experience that engages and motivates your employees to make the most out of work. From the day of their acceptance letter to the day of their first performance review.

Risk Management Platform

Increase Responsiveness

Give your agile workforce the flexibility to interview, accept, and on-board seamlessly. A streamlined process means your management team can be more responsive to talent needs, for instance.


Recruiter View | The Platinum Group

On-Boarding Wizard

The intuitive on-boarding wizard works in 3 easy steps. First, it carries over candidate data to keep everything in one centralized place. Second, provides automated notifications for applicant acceptance, keeping management focused. Third, eliminates all excess paperwork to reduce logistics that often take away from delightful candidate experiences.

Create Requisitions

An automatic feed from payroll facilitates to job budgeting is visible so you can create job requisitions immediately. Furthermore, you can complete pre-employment questionnaires, knock out criterion, and post internally and externally for maximum exposure.

Applicant Data

Integrated candidate data from across your organization is stored securely in the cloud and is available 24/7. This enables hiring managers and HR staff to make better decisions throughout the hiring process and beyond, for example.


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