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As a franchise organization, you face both challenges specific to your business model and industry specific exposures. At TPG, we’ve created our Franchise Division to combat the ever-changing needs of our Franchisor(s) and Franchisee(s). TPG provides customized business solutions for Insurance, Risk Management, Payroll & HR Services.


With our expertise, volume, and relationships in the marketplace, you’ll have access to the most competitive comprehensive business solutions needed by your franchisees. From General Liability, OSHA compliance to Employer Liability issues, TPG understands your risk. TPG delivers an end to end solution from Insurance to Human Capital Management that will separate you from ALL other Franchisors.

When you work with TPG, you’ll be provided a proprietary technology platform that can be uniquely branded and hosted on a franchisor’s website for all franchisees to access. Through this platform, each Franchisee can access insurance policy information, safety and risk management plans & policies, as well as all the human resources needed to operate a successful business in any of the 50 United States.

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