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Listen to Greg at Index Industries tell you about how we shop his policies to ensure he always has the best rates for his Commercial Insurance.


Preston from OES explains the urgency of having a proactive Risk Management company always protecting your interests.


Greg from Triton knows the value of a responsive payroll partner. Listen to his experience with us.


Eileen from Plastic Extrusions speaks on the relevance of having a one-stop-shop for all your HR needs.


“Pennco Construction has a long-lasting relationship with Troy and TPG. They treat us like family. TPG has always taken care of our needs and helped us navigate the messy challenges of running a business. From the entire suite of insurance policies to payroll services, TPG has been a one stop shop for our financial service needs. We cannot state in words how much TPG means to us.”

Barbara Pennington CEO

“Our organization is thrilled with the level of service TPG provides. Previous to TPG, we dealt with many companies that were slow and unresponsive. We have our services split between several different companies. But TPG came in and consolidated all of our services into one company. We saw an immediate impact and made managing multiple locations much easier. The service was so good, I insisted that my brothers join the payroll division. We are all very satisfied with TPG and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

Ramon Alvarado Owner

“I have been a customer of TPG for over a year now and I have to say that, their services have been nothing short of remarkable. They have been able to provide me with the best solution for insurance, risk management, payroll, and HR services for my printing company. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to all my needs. They provide me peace of mind knowing that my business is looking for the highest quality services in the industry.”

Mike Giles Owner

“TPG is amazing. Responsive, proactive, informative, involved, knowledgeable, and most of all always accessible. I wish all our service providers could be like them.”

Sunil Kohli Owner

“RxT has worked with TPG for many years and we are never disappointed. They are always on top of any issues or questions we have. Troy and his team are by far the best and we would recommend them without reservations to anyone!”

Jill Anderson Manager

“We’ve had a great experience with Troy. They handle all of the payroll and insurance. We are happy. The guys there are really great. We moved all our business to TPG. Troy is like family”.

Rose Rodriguez Owner

“TPG is a full-service team that makes outsourcing HR a breeze. With their on-demand and quick turnaround, they allow us to focus on the business, at the same time, keeping our employees happy and safe. Thank you TPG!”

Kate Chou Manager

“Before TPG, we had to outsource all of our services to a lot of different carriers. Working with TPG is a no-brainer because they are a one-stop-shop for all of our needs.”

Eileen Zavala Manager

“TPG has been there for OES Office Furniture, helping wherever and whenever they can for the past 6 years. They handle everything for us, from insurance to payroll and HR services. TPG is our one-stop shop. From reliability to fantastic customer service, we cannot thank you for all that you do for OES Office Furniture. We are looking forward to a lifelong partnership.”

Kristy Evans Owner

“We switched to TPG for our workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and payroll in order to consolidate key services under one competent resource. The team at TPG has done an excellent job exceeding our expectations and has provided additional value-added benefits as a Platinum Tier client. I look forward to working with the knowledgeable team at TPG to address the challenges ahead as we look to aggressively grow our business.”

Sanjaya Amarasinghe President & CEO

“We’ve been with TPG for a long time. TPG cover’s our Insurance and Payroll. When we purchased a new Janitorial service, TPG was there to help us roll all of our services to the new business. We’ve always been able to count on them to help us with any problems.”

Wayne Tallman CEO & Owner

“TPG and their wonderful team make payroll and HR easy, letting me concentrate on what I’m good at – MY business! You all deserve a sash for a job well done! Thanks again!!!”

Angelique Barnum Owner

“TPG has been a game changer for our company. They offer incredible service and are extremely professional. I don’t believe there is a company out there that offers businesses this many resources and efficiency in one like TPG.”

Jim Karambelas CEO

“TPG has been out trusted advisor for Insurance, Risk Management, Payroll, and HR Services. They consistently deliver high-end customer service. They keep us up to speed on any changes or updates to our policies, as well as process our payroll on time without issue. They are a dependable partner and an essential cog in my plumbing business’s success. Thanks again TPG.”

Jeff Watson Owner

“The professionals at TPG have been vital partners in helping me to open my new business. It is refreshing to work with a team of people who are accessible and sincerely committed to delivering solutions that are best tailored to my specific needs. Thank you!”

Scott Web Owner

“Our relationship with TPG is very special. They have been a valued partner with us as we grew as a business. They provide the best customer service and are ultraresponsive. As a local company, we can count on them to show up when we need them. I sleep better at night knowing that TPG has us covered. From Insurance to payroll, TPG takes care of us so we can focus on our clients. We appreciate TPG and value their service.”

Derek Semaan CEO