Commuter Benefits

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Published: 03/30/21 5:00 AM

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Commuter Benefits

This article was published on: 03/30/21 5:00 AM

Have you ever wished that your employer would help pay for your daily transportation costs? Wish no longer! Introducing commuter benefits, perks designed to help take the hassle out of commuting.

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What Are Commuter Benefits?

Sometimes called “transportation benefits,” these benefits help cover costs associated with traveling to and from work.

They are often provided tax-free, meaning the cost or reimbursement for the benefits are not included in your taxable income.

Commuter Benefits Examples

Commuter benefits can pay expenses related to qualified parking, transit passes and rides in commuter highway vehicles. The benefits—along with the costs associated—will vary based on the workplace, but here are some common examples:

  • Qualified parking is parking provided at or near your workplace. It also includes parking at or near the location from which you commute to work using mass transit, commuter highway vehicles or carpools. It doesn’t include parking at or near your home.
  • Transit passes include any passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers or similar items that allow you to ride free of charge (or at a reduced rate) on mass transit or in a vehicle that seats at least seven adults (including the driver).
  • Vanpooling is transportation between your residence and place of employment in a commuter highway vehicle that seats at least seven adults (including the driver).

How to Use Commuter Benefits

Typically, you would enroll in commuter benefits just like your other benefits, like health or dental insurance. There may be several options to choose from, so be sure to review your options carefully.

Depending on the option you select, you may receive a transportation voucher or pass. Other options may require you to pay for costs yourself, then be reimbursed.

Speak with your human resources to learn all about your commuter benefits options. You can also contact us at 909.466.7876 to learn more about employee benefits.

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