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Schools around the world face a broad range of risk issues. TPG's Education Risk Managers have extensive knowledge associated with the risks that face each of our clients. Our experts focus on identifying exposures that you face in your business each day. We help our clients to develop strategies to mitigate their risk and implement programs that over time will lower their company's overall risk profile. TPG provides an end-to-end solution backed by engaged Trusted Advisors / Risk Managers leading the way in the education industry.


TPG is a leading provider of brokerage services to schools of all sizes across the United States. Our specialized education division provides complete risk profile analysis, risk control programs, claims management solutions, certificate filing systems, and broad marketing of all coverages needed. The TPG team of education industry experts work to build a risk management program and insurance portfolio that exceeds all our clients' expectations.

Market / Carrier Relationships and Influence

TPG's diagnostic assessment process is taken seriously by the insurance underwriting community. Because the TPG Risk Manager is improving its clients' Risk Profile (thereby reducing claim frequency and severity), our marketing department is able to negotiate exceptional insurance programs for its clientele!

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Are your educators properly trained for an emergency?

The threat of violence, natural disasters, equipment breakdowns and acts of terror are realistic threats in today’s schools. We have the tools to help you plan for emergencies and implement business contingency action plans.

Have you implemented training to help your employees keep students safe and healthy?

Our full suite of GHS compliance and illness prevention resources will help bring your hazard communication program into compliance and minimize employee and student sick days.

Are your workers’ compensation premiums Do your employees have the knowledge to handle chemicals and hazardous substances effectively?

Our employee communications toolbox talks and workplace posters will give your employees the skills necessary to work with chemicals safely and keep students safe.

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