How Can You Lower Your Car Insurance Premium?

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Published: 10/28/21 5:00 AM

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How Can You Lower Your Car Insurance Premium?

This article was published on: 10/28/21 5:00 AM

You may have asked yourself why your car insurance costs varies from what your family members and close friends pay. Truth is that there are a lot of different reasons. There are the obvious things like your driving record and how much you drive your car. What many people don’t realize is where you live can also have a big impact on your insurance rates.  Below are a few things that you can bear in mind if you want to lower your car insurance premium.

Your Personal Information as well as Driving History Can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Individual info such as your age and marital status can both factor in vehicle insurance coverage costs:

  • Driving record—Your driving record and years driving are the top rating factors that affect your insurance costs. Safe drivers with more than 3 years driving experience often tend to pay much less on their car insurance. Especially when you compare them with brand new drivers or drivers with tickets and accidents. While any at-fault accidents or violations will certainly drive your rates up, those increased rates will lower after 3 years.
  • Age—Individuals that are under the age of 25 have a greater risk of accidents and also driving violations than older drivers which can also drive rates up..
  • Marital status—Being married is also a discount with some carriers

Your Vehicle Can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

There are a couple of elements concerning your vehicle that might influence your premium expenses:

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  • Safety scores—Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scores brand-new automobile models on security, efficiency and also crash test safety results. You will certainly most likely have to pay even more for your costs if your vehicle has a below average ranking.
  • Cost for repair and maintenance—Vehicles that are viewed as unstable, or pricey to keep and also fix have a tendency to have greater costs prices.
  • Model and also make—Vehicles that are referred to as high performance or sport commonly have greater automobile insurance policy costs, as they are much more cause damage or to be stolen. Mounting an anti-theft device or tracker can decrease your costs if your automobile is at greater threat of criminal damage as well as burglary.


The zip code you live in can make a huge impact on your automobile insurance rates. Residing in areas that are more densely populated can also result in higher rates. Areas that have more losses whether its accidents or thefts can trigger higher rates as well.

Your Policy Can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

The coverage you carry and the deductibles you choose can also impact your rates:

  • Limits: You should always makes sure you carry high enough limits to protect you and your liability when needed.
  • Deductible: Your insurance deductible is the amount you pay in order for your insurance policy to cover at fault damage to your car.
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Additional insurance coverage: If you’re carrying additional optional coverages such as towing or rental car this can also raise your premiums.

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