Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance, also known as Business Property Insurance helps protect your business – everything from a minor hiccup to major destruction.

Regardless if you own a freestanding building, lease an office, or work at home, TPG’s Commercial Property Insurance has you covered! Our Commercial Property Insurance coverage can protect your business and physical assets from vandalism and theft, explosions, fires, storms, and many other disasters. 

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You May Combine It With:

General Liability Insurance

General Liability aids in securing your company from bodily injury and property damage claims.

Business Income Insurance

This coverage can help you to replace lost income when you cannot operate your business due to a covered loss.

Commercial Property Insurance Coverage:

TPG’s Commercial Property Insurance can help you under a variety of circumstances, such as:

  1. A thief broke into your office and stole your business documents.
  2. A massive earthquake destroyed the building you are renting.
  3. An extensive fire damaged your office computers.

However, you can also customize your insurance policy based on your business needs. For instance, you can add protection for your valuable documents and inventories. The coverage can also be tailored to help cover the costs for reproducing important documents, moving records to avoid loss, or providing temporary storage for them.

Factors To Consider:

The insurance cost does not entirely depend on the business assets. The overall cost also considers other factors depending on the risks.

Location – Consider whether your location is a disaster-prone area. Buildings outside a city with limited fire protection costs more than those with excellent fire protection.

Fire & Theft Protection – Does your building have a fire alarm, sprinkler system, and security system installed? The installation places for the fire station and fire hydrant are also examined.

Occupancy – Occupancy is considered when evaluating and rating the cost. The building’s purpose affects its fire rating. For instance, one of your tenants contain dust that can ignite and explode. Thus, it can cost higher than a building with less hazardous tenants.

Construction – Buildings constructed with fireproof materials tend to be less expensive. Consider installing a new electrical wiring or upgrading it can also affect costing.

We are ready to exceed your expectations! We will work with you to get all the coverage you need to protect you and your business property. Our team of insurance specialists is ready to Deliver More!