Pollution Liability

Pollution Liability

Unfortunately, many employers wrongly assume that their commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies include coverage for pollution-related claims. However, almost all of these policies include exclusions that catch businesses off guard.

Pollution claims often include fees for things like:

  • cleanup efforts
  • legal defense
  • property damage and
  • medical care

This means that even one unexpected claim can lead to a devastating financial blow.

Pollution Liability Insurance | TPG Insurance Services

Even though CGL policies can’t protect you from pollution claims, there are stand-alone policies and endorsements that can give you coverage. However, you need to consider how your operations, third- party exposures and other unique circumstances might determine the option that’s best for you. Let us help!

Options for Pollution Coverage

Workplaces with even small pollution risk exposures need to consider how additional insurance options can help protect them.

Here are some key details on four types of pollution coverage: