TPG Insurance Services


TPG Security combines A+ rated financial strength with liability coverage solutions in order to help you get the most of your insurance coverage possible.

Products We Offer:

• General liability insurance
• Excess liability “Follow Form” Policy

Designed For:

Our Insurance Program is specifically designed for security personnel both in static and mobile positions. For example, security/undercover guards, consultants, private patrols, and executive/personal protection.

Coverage Features:

• Employee benefits liability
• Errors & Omissions
• Lock & Key Replacement
• Personal Injury
• Assault & Battery
• First dollar coverage. For example, no deductible.
• Third party theft coverage in order to protect vehicles involved in an accident.
• Blanket Waiver of Subrogation. Also, Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement
• Primary & noncontributory wording

Security Options:

Furthermore, our program could protect a personnel against errors and unexpected situations.

Automotive Insurance protecting vehicles used for work purposes.
• Property insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Professional Liability Insurance.

Insurance for Security Professionals

Whether they work in static or mobile positions, workers perform the same duties. Guards in static positions serve one location for a specified time. For example, they monitor the alarms and cameras. They normally become familiarized with the property and the people surrounding it. On the other hand, guards in mobile patrol duty either drive or walk from one location to another for security checks. They may answer calls regarding criminal activities or problems, and issue traffic violation warnings. Similarly, they may detain or arrest those who violate the laws.