TPG Specializes in Unique Business Risks!

Specialty Programs

TPG develops and manages business insurance programs underwritten by major insurers for industries with specialized insurance and risk management needs. We use our deep industry knowledge to develop unique underwriting, loss control and claims service models valued by both clients and insurers.

With the expertise gained from 10 years of successful program management and the strength of the nation’s largest, top-rated markets backing our programs, TPG gives their clients custom tailored coverage and stability through all market cycles.

TPG currently offers 18 programs, with several more in development. We are always seeking new opportunities. We then take the time to deeply research and validate those opportunities before applying our programs expertise to a new industry.

Our Programs Include:

*TPG currently offers 18 programs through its Partnership with NIP Programs. NIP holds all Trademarks on their specialty programs (i.e. GlassPro®). In addition to NIP, TPG uses its 300+ Carrier Market reach to identify the best solutions for its clientele.