Is Home Invasion Insurance Really Necessary?

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Published: 07/29/21 5:00 AM

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Is Home Invasion Insurance Really Necessary?

This article was published on: 07/29/21 5:00 AM

Is Home Invasion Insurance really necessary? Could it really happen to me? Most victims of a violent crime never think it’ll happen to them. But the truth is we never know. Since most of us think that way, we become easy targets. We don’t think of taking the needed precautions on a daily basis.

Common methods of attack are impersonating delivery drivers and maintenance workers or just simply forcing their way in through the front door or through an open garage door.

Are You Protected?

You can easily add a home invasion policy to a homeowners policy. But is it really necessary? Ask yourself: If this situation occurred, would I want to have full protection against losses? Most logical people would. If this is you, then there are a couple of things you need to understand clearly.

Your homeowners insurance policy will not provide protection from this type of incident. It will only provide coverage for loss or damage to your property. It’s possible that your health insurance policy will cover some limited mental health treatments, such as for PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder).

However, to really feel at ease, home invasion insurance is a must. A home invasion insurance policy will provide protection for your most treasured possession, your family. It will cover risks related to people, not property. They cover such things as accidental death, dismemberment and bodily injury resulting from a home invasion.

Home Invasion Insurance: For Full Protection, Strategize!

Besides have yourself covered from an insurance perspective, there are some other common-sense strategies that you should use to enhance your protection.

Doors & Windows:

Always keep your doors (which should be solid doors with good locks) and windows (with security devices) locked at all times, whether you are home or not.

When strangers come to your door, only talk to them through the door (do you have a peephole or door camera?) or through an intercom. Never open your door to them. If you feel threatened or simply that the visitor is suspicious, call the police right away.

Live Protection

A dog can be a very effective deterrent to would-be criminals, especially breeds that are known for intruder alerting (Lhasa Apso) or large dogs that are just threatening due to their size and sound of their bark.

Home Invasion Insurance: Have a Plan

Once you have all of your insurance and security in place, review it with your family. If your whole family is aware of your plan, everyone will know what to do and perhaps more importantly what to expect from you.

Home invasions are more common than ever and are far more dangerous than a typical break-in. Make sure that you are properly protected by getting in contact with TPG Insurance Services! Just call 909.466.7876 today and find out more information on this type of coverage. Also, available for your benefit, read more about our Homeowners Insurance content now.