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ACA Reporting Tool - TPG Evolution Software | TPG Payroll Services

TPG understands the complexity behind this challenging legislation and has launched comprehensive tools, reports and dashboards to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Evolution’s ACA functionality helps businesses assess and report on employees’ eligibility and the impact ACA will have on a business.

In addition to Forms 1094/1095-B and -C, Evolution HCM offers several reports to help ensure that your clients’ business is up-to-date with ACA requirements.

These Reports Include:

  • ACA Full-Time Eligibility (FTE) Report
  • ACA Eligibility Report
  • Rule of Parity and Inactive Employee Report
  • ACA 1095 Edit Report, ACA 1095 Preview Report
  • ACA Affordability Report
  • ACA Status Audit Report

Automatic Status Update

The ACA Status Update Scheduler Task is designed to automatically update the ACA Status field of employees after the Initial Measurement Period and as they move through their Stability Periods. This helps to automate the ACA Compliance process by eliminating the need to manually review several reports and update the Employee ACA Status manually.

Automated ACA Data Collection

TPG’s ACA technology automatically updates employees’ information every time a change is made by an employee, so your administrators don’t have to. This ensures that all employee information is updated and consistent for reporting purposes.

Quick Imports Using EvoExchange

Importing 1094/1095-B and -C employee information has never been so easy. By using EvoExchange’s new Employee and HR data packages, your business will be efficiently prepared for ACA reporting.