Payroll & Human Capital Management Solutions with Integrated Workers’ Compensation & Benefits for Small to Mid-Size Businesses.

Human Capital Management That’s More “Human”

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Your business is made up of real people who do honest, hard work. They’re more than just capital — they want to be part of something; something they’re proud to give their all to. However, your staff can only dedicate themselves to their work if you give them the flexibility, mobility, and tools they need to be successful.

TPG’s Human Capital Management (HCM) platform can help you accomplish just that. It’s more than just software to track your people. It’s a technology suite that elevates when, where and how they work.

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360° Integration: From Hire To Retire

Redefine how you attract and retain talent. With robust workflow tools, you can streamline all of your HR processes and make work more engaging. It starts from the day a candidate submits an application to the day they retire.

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Empower Your People

Enjoy outstanding self-service with one intuitive web interface; simplifying training and promoting adoption. Paperless processes and proactive notifications keeps your staff engaged and informed – no matter where they are.

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Fuel Your Business

Hire candidates with skills that match your organization’s needs. Create productive and motivating environments while leveraging HR data to make the best possible decisions for your people and business.

Powerful Software

Cloud-based software designed for making your life easier while elevating every aspect of your employees’ work

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Human Resources & Benefits

Centralized HR data, automated workflows and powerful self-service benefit enrollment tools

Recruitment & Training

Automated tools to hire the best talent — track certifications, licenses, training programs, government requirements and more

Time & Attendance

Save time, reduce errors and securely collect time: mobile, biometric, badge, keypad or facial recognition

Payroll & Tax

Automation and validation for FLSA, overtime, wage compliance, tax codes and more


Whether you’re looking to outsource your entire payroll and HR function, hand off a few components like tax filing and COBRA administration or prefer to do it all in-house — we have a solution for you.

3 Ways We Work With Clients

We’ll adjust to your business model as your business grows by delivering an in-house software solution, a fully-outsourced solution or any hybrid model in between.


If you possess the skills and want to be more hands-on, use our software to run your own payroll, HR, and benefits department.


You manage the parts that are important to you and we’ll handle the rest; things such as tax filing or COBRA notifications for instance.


We handle the work — all of it! We’ll manage the software, print the checks, file your taxes and make sure you’re in compliance, while you focus on what you do best.

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