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Payroll Processing

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When it comes to managing employees, nothing is more important than making sure their paychecks are accurate and delivered on time. With TPG’s Evolution Payroll, our clients can rest easy knowing their payroll is being processed on the industry’s leading payroll and tax engine. The Evolution Payroll software platform is an SaaS-based payroll and tax management system that provides endless features and amazing flexibility all the while conforming to the payroll industry’s best practices. We can handle nearly every type of payroll, regardless of complexity or uniqueness.

Product Features

TPG Payroll Processing - Payroll & Tax Management

Payroll & Tax Management

Whether it’s a simple payroll for a small company or a complex payroll for a large company with multiple locations, TPG’s Evolution Payroll can handle nearly every type of payroll. Evolution can support payroll entries from employers anywhere with Internet access via Evolution’s proprietary SaaS-based system. Furthermore, accommodating payroll and reconciliation for any company structure with Evolution’s Organization level setup is efficient and easy.

Beyond paying employees, keeping up with the ever-changing federal, state, and local payroll taxes can be a complex and time-consuming task. Uniquely, with Evolution Payroll, you can rest easy knowing your business will remain in compliance. Furthermore, rely on Evolution Payroll’s tax management engine and our tax professionals’ research to maintain federal, state, and local tax rates, tax brackets, and statutory limits. Concentrate on what you do best, growing your business!

Not only do we make sure of your payroll’s accuracy, we also make sure your sensitive personal information is protected and secure. Additionally, Evolution has a completely audit-able database with history tracking and timestamp on each field. Moreover, a multitude of audit reports are available for you and your business.

Employee Portal

Evolution’s Employee Portal is available for you when you choose Evolution Payroll. It allows employees to update personal information, view time off accruals and send requests for time off from their workstations or mobile devices. Furthermore, notifications are sent to managers alerting them of any new requests or changes.

Additionally, employees can also access pay data, W-2s as well as view and print paystubs. Your employees will appreciate the efficiency of Evolution’s Employee Portal. Moreover, managers can review and approve employee data changes and time off requests online. Also, managers can post company-wide announcements and important information for employees to see when they log in.

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