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  • Personal lines insurance, such as homeowners or auto insurance, protects individuals from significant financial burdens that can arise from unexpected events.
  • Personal liability coverage, often included in homeowners’ and auto policies, protects policyholders from potential legal costs if they are found responsible for causing harm to others.
  •  Many lenders require individuals to maintain specific insurance policies as a condition of lending. This ensures that the lender’s financial interest in the property or vehicle is protected.
  • Beyond the tangible financial benefits, personal lines insurance offers peace of mind. Knowing that one’s assets, whether it’s a home, car, or personal belongings, are protected against loss allows individuals to live with less worry and stress about potential unforeseen catastrophes.

Features and Benefits


  • Safe driver
  • Multi-car
  • Good payer
  • Home ownership
  • Good credit
  • New car


Homeowners/ Renters

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire and smoke
  • Storms and hurricanes
  • Sewers that back up
  • Identity theft


  • Dwelling coverage for property damage to your home
  • Personal property coverage for damage to your possessions inside the home
  • Additional living expenses coverage, also known as loss of use


  • Extra Liability Coverage
  • Broadened Coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • False Arrest
  • Libel/Slander
  • Invasion of Privacy

Recreational Vehicle

  • Personal items
  • Accessories
  • Emergency expenses
  • Fire, flood and theft

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