Empowering your future with comprehensive Risk Management!

Taking a proactive approach to ensure comprehensive coverage and mitigate losses.

How do we help protect your business?

  • Transform Your Compliance. TPG conducts self-inspections and compliance programs for you.
  • Enhance Performance. TPG consultants will work with you to develop the required programs in order to improve the performance of your business and your team as well.

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A Complete, One-Stop Shop for All Your Risk Management Needs

  • With TPG, you’ll be able to analyze well your business policies, procedures or processes, and help you measure and improve those areas that need improvement.
  • Our certified TPG consultant can visit your facility and perform a thorough inspection to identify any hazards and the existing control risk measures for safety and environmental risks.
  • With visible data that is organized, with clear guidelines and protocols, and easy to access, you can absolutely understand where each resource goes.
  • Guarantee that your employees are knowledgeable competent and have the skills they need in order to perform their jobs accordingly.

Features and Benefits

Environmental Health & Safety Program Overview

  • Corrective and Preventive Action Managment
  • SDS Managment System & Chemical Inventory
  • Accident Tracking/OSHA 300 Logs
  • Online Training
  • Mobile Access
  • Self-auditing and Record Keeping

Compliance Audit Services

  • Corrective action tracking and reporting software Visibility across multiple organizations
  • Internal self-inspection tools
  • External audit expertise
  • Training and resources to resolve issues
  • Database of OSHA, EPA, and DOT issues complete with federal and state regulatory references

OSHA Compliance

  • Compliance with OSHA standards
  • JHA – Job Hazard Assessments
  • Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  • Tailgate or Toolbox safety meetings

Risk Management Webinars

  • Prevent incidents
  • Reduce risk-associated costs
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Build visibility and establish reporting procedures

Workers' Compensation

  • Zero down payment on premium if you run your payroll with us.
  • Other fees may apply such as processing fees from the carrier.
  • Pay as you go when you bundle payroll services.
  • 50 plus direct markets
  • Increase the chances of lower rates.
  • Free Safety audit
  • Build Safety binders.
  • Audit OSHA logs

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