Environmental Health & Safety Program Overview

Environmental Health & Safety Program

Environmental Health and Safety Programs (EHS) | MyTPG


MyTPG offers a full comprehensive Environment Health & Safety program. Staying in compliance has never been easier. Our efficient and easy to use platform offers a wide variety of features. These include SDS Management, Online Training, Record Keeping, Document Libraries and more! Learn more below on these features can help you and your company or if you’re ready to get started – click the button below to schedule a demo!

Environmental Health & Safety Program | TPG EHS Software

Environment, Health & Safety Software

Automate manual processes, reduce total cost of risk, and manage safety in one comprehensive EHS platform. MyTPG helps you develop a comprehensive EHS program that harnesses technology, best practices, and the concerted efforts of your workforce to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Compliance Program

TPG can customize on-site risk management self-inspections and compliance programs to make it easier to achieve and ensure compliance, and help reduce loss for your business.

Our expert specialists remove the headaches of tracking regulatory changes, maintaining proper records, training your employees, and improving employee safety.

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TPG Online Training

Online Training

Access a comprehensive, award-winning library of over 150 online training courses designed to help employees improve both their performance on the job and their compliance.

These courses are based on real-world examples and cover critical safety and environmental compliance topics. Give your employees the knowledge and skills they need to work productively and compliantly.

Corrective & Preventive Actions

There are hundreds of potential risks in your facility that should be addressed before they result in an injury. Your job: find and fix them.

TPG’s corrective and preventive action management tools help you find issues and create a plan to address them BEFORE they become an incident. You can assign issues for corrective action and track completion. You will see the citation and regulatory requirement at the federal, state, and municipal level. Once you’ve logged the issue, the system gives you a list of recommended steps to help you resolve it.

And, schedule and track activities such as safety meetings, equipment inspections, and chemical inventory review.

TPG Onsite Inspections - Corrective & Preventive Actions
TPG Environment, Health & Safety Software

Accident Management/OSHA 300 Logs

Accidents happen. And when they do, you need to capture information quickly to ensure both swift action and proper reporting.

Capture all the details accurately using a mobile, wizard-based accident reporting form that guides you through the reporting process.

TPG Environmental Health & Safety Program - Dashboard & Record Keeping

Dashboard & Record Keeping

View compliance levels across the organization through the interactive dashboard. View levels segmented by safety, environmental and regulatory. With a click, see Open Issues, Overdue Issues, and Open Accidents. Drill down to overdue issues by the assigned owner as well.

TPG Environmental Health & Safety Program - Resources & Document Libraries

Resources & Document Libraries

Access a library of program documents and regulatory information. Store all of your safety-related documentation in your online portal. These include: Illness and Injury Prevention Plan, Facility Inspection Checklist, SPCC Plan, Emergency Response Plan, OSHA Forms and Written Forklift Training Program.

TPG Environmental Health & Safety Program - Mobile-ready


Incidents and accidents rarely happen at your desk. Use TPG's mobile technology to access the tools and information you need, where you need it. Access the system from any internet-connected workstation and mobile devices for capturing information and images on the spot.