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Risk Management – What we do best!


With our risk management processes, you will surely be able to execute your duties and responsibilities in your workplace more effectively. Provided with our interactive software solution, it simplifies the challenges of developing, managing and continually improving your organization’s workplace safety, compliance, and risk management effort.

Risk Management Solutions | MyTPG - The Platinum Group

Transform Your Compliance

One of the critical responsibilities and mandatory requirements of an organization is to comply with new and changing government regulations, statutory compliances and internal governance. Adopting to these compliance solutions often provides improved focus and perspective on risk management.

TPG is able to do self-inspections and compliance programs for you. Thus, it will be easier for you to achieve and ensure compliance, and reduce any possible business losses. 

Enhance Performance

TPG’s Risk Management services help you develop and execute programs that reduce injury and illness rates while increasing productivity, and enhancing morale across your workforce. TPG consultants will work with you to develop the required programs in order to improve the performance of your business and your team as well.

Risk Management Solutions | MyTPG - The Platinum Group
TPG Risk Management Solutions - Audits & Self Inspections | The Platinum Group

Audits & Self Inspections

Audits and Self Inspections are necessary for organizations especially small and micro companies who are keen at evaluating what is and isn’t working within their businesses. With TPG, you’ll be able to analyze well your business policies, procedures or processes, and help you measure and improve those areas that need improvement.

Control Risk

Our certified TPG consultant can visit your facility and perform thorough inspection to identify any hazards and the existing control risk measures for safety and environmental risks. Inspection results and assessments will be reviewed together with your management team to discuss any identified issues. 

TPG Risk Management Solutions - Control Risk Management | The Platinum Group
TPG Risk Management Solutions | The Platinum Group

Provide Visibility Into Your Data

Data transparency is something which an organization should be aware of. With visible data that is organized, with clear guidelines and protocols, and easy to access, you can absolutely understand where each resource goes. At the same time, it helps keep you keep agile and flexible in responding to any potential threats or challenges to your business. 

Having access to data makes you informed too and educated about the decisions you have to make for your company to keep it running smoothly. Allowing you to see how areas are affected over time, it ensures that you are making the right decisions with the broadest range of information possible.

Interactive Training

Guarantee that your employees are knowledgeable competent and have the skills they need in order to perform their jobs accordingly. 

TPG makes it easier for you to do this while making sure that you keep track of your employees’ growth development. Our training comprises of a rich curriculum of training courses and streaming videos which you can also assign to your employees while keeping track of their completion for compliance purposes and audits. 

TPG Risk Management Solutions | The Platinum Group
TPG Risk Management Solutions | The Platinum Group

Streamline Process

Every business has its own set of processes that they comply to. They are all designed to streamline the way an organization and its team work. 

With the help of the assigned TPG consultant, we can both work together to identify the effective procedures in your organization and improve processes when they are not working. Fewer errors and delays are expected when everyone follows a well-tested set of steps. Additionally, there is a less duplicated effort, and staff and customers would definitely feel more satisfied.

Automate Processes That Saves Time & Money

Business process automation contributes to business growth and development. Continuously doing things in a manual manner is impractical especially for large businesses. If you’re looking for ways to effectively save time and money in your business, then automating processes is the way forward.

TPG Risk Management Solutions - Business Automation | The Platinum Group

what makes the TPG manager so different?

The TPG Risk Manager is trained & certified by TPG and employed by The Platinum Group. – TPG operates and performs Risk Mitigation Services across the United States.
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The Bottom Line

The Platinum diagnostic assessment process is taken seriously by the insurance underwriting community. Because the Risk Managers are improving their clients’ Risk Profiles (thereby reducing claim frequency and severity), he or she is able to negotiate exceptional insurance programs for its clientele!