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Implementing security to your workplace just got even better and easier with this Risk Management Software. This proactive Integrated Software Solution can save you lots of time and money. It also simplifies the challenges of developing, managing and continually improving your organization’s workplace safety, compliance and risk management effort. Be proactive and build an effective safety culture within your organization with this software suite which contains all the tools you need.

Applications at a Glance

Each application helps with a specific aspect of Risk Management. Together, these applications make up the Risk Management Center.

Use a complete solution to reduce risk and maintain compliance

Access a bilingual database of Risk Management resources.

Prevent near-misses, injuries, & accidents while staying compliant.

Create audits, surveys, self assessments & questionnaires.

Manage training docs & automate employee training processes.

Compile your Safety Data Sheets & achieve GHS compliance.

Build job hazard analyses & conduct safety observations.

Create job descriptions & return-to-work programs.

Manage certificates of insurance & avoid liability.

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Establish A Safety Culture

Culture change in an organization of any size is not a simple process. When it comes to workplace culture, many elements contribute to creating and sustaining a strong culture of safety. TPG’s Risk Management Center helps your business proactively manage risk to mitigate claims, losses and associated costs. With the right guidance and proper tools, TPG can help your business establish a culture of safety.

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The Risk Management Center is designed to protect your insureds by enabling efficient and streamlined Risk Management and HR programs.

Implementing workplace safety best practices can protect your organization and provide your workers with a safer workplace in which to thrive. Informed and involved workers do their jobs in an effective and safe manner.

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It’s an alphabet soup of regulators: OSHA, the DOL, NIOSH, the CDC, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, EPA, state entities, and other regulatory bodies have rules and regulations that companies must abide by, depending on their size and industry.

Organizations that disregard or fail to implement the correct regulatory practices can face serious consequences, including worker injuries, significant fines, or the less-than-apparent problems associated with worker turnover or poor HR hiring practices.

Applications At A Glance

Our web-based Risk Management platform helps simplify the development and management of your organization’s safety while saving you more time and money. Be proactive and start building a safety culture within your organization with these applications.

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Protect Your Company

Implementing a safe working environment helps protect your organization and workers too. Workers who are well-informed and involved tend to do their jobs more effectively and safely. Always keep your employees committed to performing their jobs properly in order to create a better working environment.