Risk Management Center Programs

SDS Track

SDS TRACK is an easy to use software application that assists in complying with OSHA regulations and the new Globally Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals. It also ensures that you’re compliant with OSHA’S right-to-know standards by providing employees access to your SDS’s anytime and anywhere.

Applications at a Glance

Each application helps with a specific aspect of risk management. Together, these applications make up the Risk Management Center.

Use a complete solutions to reduce risk & maintain compliance

Access a bilingual database of risk management resources.

Prevent near-misses, injuries, & accidents while staying compliant.

Create audits, surveys, self assessments, & questionnaires.

Manage training docs & automate employee training processes.

Build job hazard analyses & conduct safety observations.

Create job descriptions & return-to-work programs.

Manage certificates of insurance & avoid liabity.