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[VIDEO] Are You Prepared for Virtual Open Enrollment

With open enrollment season around the corner and many organizations extending work-from-home policies, a virtual open enrollment fair may be necessary. The Importance of Reimagining Fairs Although employees are used to attending in-person open enrollment meetings, this is the time for organizations to reimagine their benefits events and find a solution that works best for their workforce during an ever-evolving pandemic. Before you spend time and resources, reflect on what was successful about past in-person open enrollment fairs and what you’re hoping to achieve this time around. Concentrate on what’s most important for your employees to know, do and feel coming out of the open enrollment fair. Think ahead to how you will determine the success of the virtual event. Focus on what matters most to the bottom line and your people. Virtual open enrollment fairs are: Convenient—Now more than ever, employees are busy with work and personal life, as many employees continue to work from home. Between work, caregiving and other responsibilities, employees should find virtual fairs more accessible and accommodating to their schedules. Also, consider the time-savings for your employees who will be involved in planning and running the event. Cost-effective—A virtual event can also reduce costs for participating organizations. By going online, there is no cost for traveling or printing collateral. Going paperless is an eco-friendly bonus, too. Evergreen—Pushing benefits partners to share digital resources about their offerings means that you will have information available year-round to share with employees. Plus, you can reuse any content created for the virtual fair. You can easily repurpose open enrollment content for new hires or other employees as needed. Other Considerations It can be overwhelming to redesign all open enrollment processes and events to fit the needs of a remote workforce. The solution is what works best for your employees—and your budget. To learn more about open enrollment, contact TPG Insurance Services today. […]

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