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TPG’s Human Capital Management (HCM) platform is more than just software to track your people. It’s a technology suite that elevates when, where and how they work. Our API Integration works seamlessly with your current platform, making for a smooth addition.


We believe in providing our clients with the utmost security when it comes to running their business on TPG’s Evolution Platform. TPG hosts Evolution at one of 4 secure data centers located at the 4 corners of the United States.

Backup and Hosting


TPG’s Evolution Hotsite Service provides a crucial element of your Disaster Recovery plan that other software platforms simply cannot offer.

With TPG, you are better prepared to deal with unexpected events that could severely disrupt your business. Evolution’s proprietary asynchronous data replication (ADR) feature can replicate data in near real-time to a secondary location, without the need for additional software. Using this feature, TPG can create your own “hotsite” location for disaster recovery.

In the event of an emergency, we restore your data to a live TPG Evolution environment at our location, which you can access from your backup operations site. TPG’s Evolution’s technology, provides peace of mind to our business clients and ensures the well-being of your business with very little effort. With TPG Payroll & HR Services as your business partner, rest assured your business will be in good hands.

API Gateway

Get Connected with TPG’s Evolution API Gateway

TPG’s Evolution API Gateway provides programmatic access to Evolution data. It offers an Application Programmer Interface (API) for RESTful web services that our strategic partners can leverage to integrate with Evolution Payroll and Evolution Advanced HR. Strategic partners can leverage the APIs to connect to vital programs used by our clientele.

What does this mean for you?

TPG’s Evolution API Gateway allows us to connect and integrate software programs our clients use in their business. It’s an end-to-end integration from accounting software and POS’s to time & attendance software and much more. TPG is committed to offering a complete, integrated product that enhances the systems our clients use today and the systems they plan on using into the future.

Current Integrations

Accounting Software

Quickbooks API Integration

Time & Attendance & Scheduling

Benefits Providers



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