Tips for Teen Workers

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Published: 12/13/21 5:00 AM

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Tips for Teen Workers

This article was published on: 12/13/21 5:00 AM

Early work experience can be a great opportunity for teenagers. Ensure your work experience is satisfying and safe by putting in the time to fully understand and comprehend your duties and rights as a staff member. All teen workers should check out the list of helpful tips below.

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Teen Workers – Know Your Responsibilities

  • Follow all safe work practices as directed by your company and supervisor.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Follow up with your supervisor if you feel you require more training on duties like handling consumers, carrying out new jobs or utilizing new machinery.
  • Don’t hurry. Working safely may appear to slow you down but neglecting safe work procedures can result in unnecessary injury or damage.
  • Be always conscious of your working environment. When you are more familiar with your jobs, do not become complacent. Make sure to inform somebody if you ever feel threatened or in danger at work. Speak with a supervisor, parent, or other adult as soon as possible.
  • Use your best judgment and trust your instincts while on the job. Examine with your supervisor or safety officer first if somebody asks you to do something that appears hazardous or makes you uneasy.
  • Not only is underage drinking illegal, but it is also never ever allowed in the office. Being under the influence puts you and others at risk. Inform a supervisor if you suspect someone at your work is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Know Your Rights

As a teen worker, you have the right to:

  • work in a healthy and safe workplace free of risks
  • work if you think a job or working condition is risky and exposes you to immediate danger
  • report safety risks to your supervisor or boss without the worry of being penalized or fired
  • only work the limited hours and types of work allowed by state and federal laws
  • receive training and usage of needed individual protective equipment such as safety clothes, hard hats, goggles and ear plugs
  • receive SDS information on dangerous chemicals that might be damaging to your health
  • require payment for your work– at least at the existing base pay allowed your state
  • demand payment for medical care and workers’ compensation if you become ill or injured on the job
  • lost pay benefits if you miss work due to a work-related illness or injury
  • operate in an environment devoid of sexual or racial harassment

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