Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

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Published: 10/18/21 5:00 AM

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Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

This article was published on: 10/18/21 5:00 AM

The first time there’s a workplace injury employers and employees have many questions about the Workers’ Compensation claims process.  So, to understand the process better, these are Workers’ Compensation frequently asked questions.

What benefits are readily available under workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees who are unable to work because of a work-related injury or illness. The injured employee can be medically excused from work . If so, he or she will be indemnified for lost salary as an outcome of the work-related injury. In addition to all medical expenditures related to the injury, usually rehabilitation is likewise covered.

What is a waiting period?

It is the period from the date of the injury to when the workers’ compensation advantages begin accumulating. The waiting period might be paid retroactively as figured out by your state’s designated retroactive duration.

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What is the disability date for occupational disease?

The injury date is the first time a staff member loses time due to an injury or special needs. This time may be paid or unpaid.

What is an IME?

An independent medical examination (IME) is a medical exam by an independent physician. This is separate from the treating doctor who performed the injured worker’s original evaluation. An insurer or employer is entitled to an IME to challenge the treating doctor’s medical diagnosis. The insurer or employer can also challenge the recommended treatment strategy or whether the injury is work-related.  This is a QME or Qualified Medical Examination.

What happens if parties have a dispute that cannot be resolved?

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Workers, employers, and insurance providers might apply for hearings to resolve disputes. Staff members file most hearing applications. The application alerts the state of the conflict and starts the legal process. Legal conflicts can be settled by stipulation, arbitration and proceeding with an official hearing.

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